Monday, 4 December 2017

Movie review: Singularity (2017)

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Singularity (2017)

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The core story is smart & daring & brings (kind of) a fresh approach to Artificial Intelligence, BUT the movie lacks the almighty Hollywood framework with respect to...
  1. storytelling - at times, the story lacks coherence or drags (dead time is quite common)
  2. acting performance - average, overall
    • John Cusack performs well, but gets quite little screen time and only interacts with Carmen Argenziano who is a good match for him, by the way. He never interacts with any of the 2 teenagers - it's like he's playing in a totally different movie :))
    • Julian Schaffner, the male teenager, can act one thing: confusion :D, and he's good at it :D
    • Jeannine Wacker, the female teenager, resembles Jennifer Lawrence in Hunger Games - looks like her, carries a bow and arrows (but she never uses them :D) etc. - but she ain't Ms. Lawrence, unfortunately
  3. special effects - they feel boring and/or like leftovers from other movies
  4. postprocessing - video & audio quality is average, kind of like in a Steven Seagal movie :))
  5. price tag of everything in the movie - everything feels cheap and/or everyone feels kind of embarrassed when acting...
Towards the end, they are so eager about a sequel and give obvious hints on that, just like The 5th Wave (2016) [Liviu: review] and It (2017) [Liviu: review] do.

Could have been better & smarter than Life (2017) [Liviu: review] if done right.


All in all, the movie might be ok for watching on TV, but delivers too little for a cinema experience.

Nota bene: after reading the en.wikipedia description it all makes sense: "Singularity began as a low-budget sci-fi film called Aurora, which was shot in 2013 in the Czech Republic and Switzerland. John Cusack was not involved in the original shoot. Years later, scenes with Cusack were shot and inserted into the new production, and extensive CGI effects were used to tie the new material to the original film."

Monday, 21 August 2017

Traseu in Ilfov: Branesti (Padurea Pustnicu + Raul Pasarea) + Manastirea Pasarea

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Pentru cine se grabeste => album cu poze pe Google Photos

N-or fi munti in Ilfov, dar e apa si padure si e relativ frumos de plimbat.

2017-08-20 - Traseul pe scurt:
  1. Branesti (sensul giratoriu & parcul liceelor Traian Lalescu / Cezar Nicolau / Seminarul Teologic Liceal Ortodox) - pe sosea spre Bucuresti, pana la un fel de pod peste calea ferata, de unde am intrat in Padurea Pustnicu - prin padure oblic spre NV - pe malul Raului Pasarea inapoi pana la sosea - Branesti (sensul giratoriu & parcul liceelor)
  2. Branesti (sensul giratoriu & parcul liceelor) - Manastirea Pasarea - Branesti (sensul giratoriu & parcul liceelor)


Mult soare, fara vant.
Vreme foarte calda.

Harta mea

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Traseul parcurs, pe lung

  1. Microbuz 503: 10:00 Cora Pantelimon - 10:15 sensul giratoriu de dupa intrarea in Branesti, in zona parcului liceelor Traian Lalescu / Cezar Nicolau / Seminarul Teologic Liceal Ortodox

  2. Pe sosea spre Bucuresti, pana la un fel de pod peste calea ferata, de unde am intrat in Padurea Pustnicu - vezi harta.

  3. Prin Padurea Pustnicu oblic spre NV.

    Pacat ca aceasta padure nu e toaleta / ingrijita corect, incat sa creasca copacii frumos: multi puieti si/sau arbusti care opresc copacii mari, destule gunoaie (+ cateodata miroase a hoit), exista niste "chestii" care curg din copaci (am senzatia ca unii copaci sunt bolnavi) etc.

    Senzatia de caldura sufocanta de campie afecteaza si padurea...

  4. Pe malul Raului Pasarea inapoi pana la sosea.

    Drumul poate fi foarte frumos pe aici, dar nu e pus in valoare, nu e aranjat etc.
    Pacat ca raul e murdar, cu apa statuta, multe gunoaie.

    In dreptul Restaurantului Casa Pustnicu exista si un ponton subred, oarecum inchis accesului publicului. O decizie proasta.

    Se vede frumos malul celalalt: Manastirea Pasarea cu podetul pentru acces, respectiv casele construite pe mal fix pana in rau.

    + Bonus: pontonul din dreptul Restaurantului Casa Pustnicu vazut mai tarziu de pe malul cu Manastirea Pasarea:

  5. Intoarcere pana la sensul giratoriu & parcul liceelor din Branesti.

    Am mers la Manastirea Pasarea - am tot incercat sa ajung la malul raului, dar nu am reusit, am renuntat si am mers pe sosea - la manastire am observat ce vazusem si cand am facut poze de pe celalalt mal, dar nu am crezut ca e adevarat: pe acest mal era totul construit fix pana in rau, deci nu as fi avut cum sa merg pe mal in stilul in care am mers pe malul celalalt.

  6. Manastirea Pasarea [site oficial]

    Manastire obisnuita, nimic special.

    In biserica nu mi-a placut podeaua de marmura foarte lucioasa - nu stiu, pare o atitudine superficiala, aduce a opulenta, parca e opusul smereniei cu care se lauda religiosii.

  7. Intoarcere pe sosea pana la sensul giratoriu & parcul liceelor din Branesti.

  8. Microbuz 503: 17:30 Branesti, statia de microbuz de langa sensul giratoriu, fix in fata parcului liceelor, spre Bucuresti - 17:42 metrou Pantelimon


Daca Padurea Pustnicu ar fi ingrijita mai bine si daca Raul Pasarea ar fi mai curat, ar fi un traseu mult mai frumos.

Cred ca pare mai frumos cand e mult mai rece afara (toamna tarziu, iarna, primavara devreme).