Monday, 3 April 2017

Movie review: Life (2017)

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Life (2017)


Told you in the Rings review I'm starting to like horror movies :)

A combination of:
  • Gravity (2013) [IMDB] - the overall feeling of zero gravity, characters' very professional (i.e. like real astronauts :D) behavior, scenery
  • Alien franchise/series [en.wikipedia] - the bad & smart alien hunting down all humans
  • Interstellar (2014) [IMDB] - just a little bit, can't quite put my finger on which parts it influences...

The alien life form depiction is very interesting for about 70% of the movie: a single cell, all brain and muscle, which develops into a very smart and flexible entity - basically a distributed system (computer science), but organic :)
However, they screw up afterward by growing it an "ugly face" resembling the Alien franchise...

What would have I done differently regarding the script?

Since this alien life form is an organic distributed system :), then it is scalable on 2 levels:
  • cell level - they've done that already in the movie (it is smart, flexible, learns to use tools etc.), but they screwed up by growing it a face! => They should have kept it without a face, that's sure!
  • entity level - it should have divided into multiple similar entities, cooperating with each other in order to achieve whatever goals the scriptwriter would have imagined (e.g. most likely the ultimate goal of reaching Earth)

Given the great number of interconnected neurons the alien life form possesses, it should have proven even smarter than depicted.


Worth watching.
Who knows? You might even enjoy horror movies after this one! :)

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Review de carte: Flash-uri din sens opus, de Marian Godină

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Prin Iunie 2016 citeam cam 2/3 din carte, apoi m-am luat cu alte chestii. Acum am [re]citit-o integral.

Flash-uri din sens opus

Autor: Marian Godină

ISBN: 978-606-588-860-9
Editura Curtea Veche

Carte frumos scrisa, sincera.

Te binedispune.
Te pune pe ganduri cateodata.
De multe ori, povestea are o morala.

Intr-adevar, contine limbaj licentios/vulgar pe alocuri - asta-i realitatea in teren, n-ai ce sa faci...

Devine cam prea intima/personala pe 2 teme:
  1. Lupta cu sistemul (te pisi contra curentului, cum ii zic sefii) si umilintele/stresul indurat pentru ca a luat deciziile corecte: aici sunt de acord sa fie publice informatiile, ca sa stiu si eu din exterior ce se intampla prin interior... plus ca am un vag sentiment ca a povestit numai o parte din ce a indurat...
  2. Esecurile sentimentale: ok, sunt chestii normale in realitate si e dreptul omului sa decida whether to share it or not, dar filozofia mea e ca viata privata sa ramana privata.

Merita citita. Clar.

Niste observatii ale mele, cu ocazia asta:

Ne trebuie mai multi oameni cu o astfel de mentalitate, care sa-si spuna parerea, sa ia decizii corecte etc. Ei tot apar si vor aparea si la un moment dat vom atinge masa critica incat sa apara schimbari mai mari.

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