Saturday 16 February 2013

Lincoln [Movie Review]

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Most people would complain of being boring and/or inaccurate etc.

Well, I enjoyed it. Although I find pretty hard to describe it, let's say I like this type of slow-paced / no-action movies, as opposed to the full-action fast-paced ones that I also enjoy. Done right, such a movie could be relaxing, entertaining and teach one something about life.

Look, let's be fair about it, ok?
Life and big decisions don't happen like in Mission:Impossible.
Life is a boring, slow and annoying process.
Big decisions (e.g. ending slavery) take a lot of time to prepare, to explain them to the public, to get accepted even a bit by the public because they change fundamentally the paradigm the whole society is based on. Many things may happen along the way and throw the process off tracks.
One would need to play on all sides in order to get their support.
That's life. That's top level politics. That's what a leader does regardless of pushing good or bad decisions.

I find interesting the classic type of American patriotism presented in such movies. You know, the central figure determined to take any risk, pass any obstacle, do everything they can (and nothing can stop them, of course!) in order to achieve their goal and save the world... like in Die Hard, but with no action... Essentially, this is the type of message one needs to deliver to the masses in order to build a consistent and coherent collective spirit, the idea of a single nation etc.

Anyway, apparently I like the Spielberg-style of directing movies better than Tarantino's.

Go watch it! It is fun, relaxing, and inspiring - if one knows what they're looking for and what knowledge one needs to extract from it...

Movie reviews: Django Unchained and Seven Psychopaths

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I've watched a couple of movies in the past couple of weeks. Wanna read some reviews?

Django Unchained


Sometimes funny, sometimes bitter, sometimes violent/bloody... the Tarantino directing style, I guess. All in all, it is ok, but not my favorite type of movie. Dunno, the Tarantino style does not suit me.

Seven Psychopaths


The trailer promises a lot, you'd expect the casted stars to deliver quite a lot, but...

The script is terrible, just terrible.

The stars are no better either. Sometimes even when the script is terrible the stars try to save the day... well, sorry, not this time. Everyone is missing any inspiration and/or desire to do their job and/or deliver anything.

Kind of a waste of time.

Oh, that's a black comedy, you say? Well, then it's a bad/poor/lousy black comedy, I guess.