Tuesday 31 March 2009

Who should you listen to?

Who should you listen to? Not your critics, not your fans, but your sneezers. Well, Seth Godin has a point here: by listening the ones that spread the word, you grow.

However, I'd add that the business has to constantly change and improve, in order to meet the fans' expectations and attract new fans. Therefore, the second best thing one could do is listen to the fans.

Oh, yes, and the third best thing would be listening to your critics. Sometimes it feels weird reading undeserved/wrong critics, but from now and then, when you get lucky, you see a well articulated review of what they did not like - it may prove useless to you (since you have a different target), but it could be useful for a different niche you plan on targeting in the future. Well, that's how I see it, at least.

The 1 billion you-name-your-favorite-currency question is: why should you listen to me?

Friday 13 March 2009

Working in a corporation, via Dilbert


1st side note: frankly, I think RCS&RDS has the same approach to their technical support, which is at the same time awful, annoying and useless since you have a 90% chance (according to my experience with them) to end up talking to a stupid insolent employee; no discrimination: it could be female or male just as well.

2nd side note: thank God I finally got their telephone service canceled. Bad news: my ISP got acquired by the RCS&RDS Internet division...

The inner works of the birth of a great new product. OK, maybe it doesn't seem so great at the moment, but I bet that both the marketing and advertising departments will prove it be a great product, right?

Call me yesterday! - great line, wonderful. It can become a wide spread quote on the Internet.


This big bad crisis got them all freaked out, I guess. One has multiple jobs and the boss hides like a kid.
Side note: the RCS&RDS technical support is more confusing than anything.

And I think nerd rhymes with bird, although I'm not sure.

Executive stakeholders? Fax 'em!

Saturday 7 March 2009

Despre/Pentru corporatii si corporatisti

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Pentru cei care lucreaza in corporatii in Romania - da, este un job bun, dar am auzit de cateva ori despre cazuri de stres + overwork + underpay + tratament prost etc. ceea ce nu mi se pare fair. => un sfat care rezuma foarte bine pozitia/solutia pe care am exprimat-o in cateva conversatii particulare in ultimii ani (din fericire, erau friends care au avut rabdarea sa ma asculte, pentru ca atunci cand intru-n detalii/explicatii/analize/justificari tind sa devin plictisitor; hey, macar spun bine ce spun...)

Super citat: "I cannot be fired. Slaves have to be sold." - se potriveste macar un pic, macar pentru cateva cazuri, corect?

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