Monday 18 June 2018

Movie review: Hereditary (2018)

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Hereditary (2018)

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Horror movie? Well, there are some scary moments, but just a few. It tries so hard to build tension and momentum, but kind of fails most of the time and certainly doesn't exploit it when it gets it right.

Storyline? Kind of inconsistent & incoherent.
Paranoid. Psychotic. Insane.
Maybe it makes sense to some viewers, dunno.

Feels as if has been written by someone mentally ill and addresses a mentally ill public.

Feels as if the writer has treated their own trauma and obsessions by pouring them carelessly in the script.

The story made sense to me, i.e. I could finally fully grasp its logic, the next day (after a good night's sleep :D)... but it still is rather inconsistent & incoherent...

So slow paced... really slow paced... slower than slow :))

Stupid, maybe?

Implements the classic European philosophy/vision on life (that I personally reject) of intense pessimism, sadness, depression, confusion etc.

Cheap & Boring special effects.

So little sound... I could call it a "half silent movie" :)
There's actors voices and that's about all the sound there is :))
No soundtrack whatsoever. There are some other sounds from now and then :) but that's not a soundtrack:))
Nota bene: the soundtrack in the trailer is kind of all the soundtrack that I can remember... it's like they've put in the trailer all the real soundtrack they have in the movie :))

Look, I understand the movie looks, sounds and feels the way I've described it because that's the way they wanted to make it: cinematography, post processing, soundtrack etc. - I do understand & feel & appreciate their work & effort, but I just don't like it, it just doesn't touch me...

Oh, and what's with the huge IMDB rating?!


Hereditary (2018) feels as a waste of both time and money to me.