Friday 13 March 2009

Working in a corporation, via Dilbert


1st side note: frankly, I think RCS&RDS has the same approach to their technical support, which is at the same time awful, annoying and useless since you have a 90% chance (according to my experience with them) to end up talking to a stupid insolent employee; no discrimination: it could be female or male just as well.

2nd side note: thank God I finally got their telephone service canceled. Bad news: my ISP got acquired by the RCS&RDS Internet division...

The inner works of the birth of a great new product. OK, maybe it doesn't seem so great at the moment, but I bet that both the marketing and advertising departments will prove it be a great product, right?

Call me yesterday! - great line, wonderful. It can become a wide spread quote on the Internet.


This big bad crisis got them all freaked out, I guess. One has multiple jobs and the boss hides like a kid.
Side note: the RCS&RDS technical support is more confusing than anything.

And I think nerd rhymes with bird, although I'm not sure.

Executive stakeholders? Fax 'em!

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