Friday 5 December 2008

Madagascar 2 [Movie Review]

I've watched Madagascar 2 on Wednesday, at Hollywood Multiplex, in Bucharest Mall.

The movie is quite entertaining. I liked it.
I must say, though, that I liked more the first "Madagascar".

The penguins - those little mob style style penguins! - are back in action. Yeah! More experienced, more skilled, more... engineer style and manager style!

The monkeys were quite a surprise to me. British accent, elegant, and very willing to lead their African peers. Oh, and as labor union leaders they're brilliant! Come on, they blackmail the chief penguin - that's something!

The four main characters (Alex, Marty, Melman, Gloria) I find kind of uninteresting / predictible. They seem ok and funny, yes, but in the end I haven't noticed myself surprised by their actions.

Come to think about it, the movie overall is kind of straightforward. Since we're talking about a smart animation here, I expected some surprising deviations, some unreal twists of fate - let me give some examples: how about instead of losing against Teetsi right from start, Alex had danced a couple of minutes, avoiding with elegant moves all his attacks, and then got beaten up, to keep up with the script? How about some other proves of courage done by Alex and his father Zuba, other instead of dancing in front of the newyorkers?

The newyorkers and especially the old lady were quite a pleasant surprise. Their will to survive, to win no matter what, to put order into chaos and so on brings quite a subtle insight into the inner workings of the core American values. Very subtle!

Yes, the movie is funny to watch. You'll have a good time; just refrain your very high expectations - imagine this is the first time you come in contact with "Madagascar" and it will all be fine.
Enjoy the movie and then tell me your opinion!

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