Monday 26 January 2009

Comics. Seth Godin. Romania.

I'm currently a subscriber to xkcd - funny comics.
I'm also a subscriber of Dilbert - seems so funny and real: the big bad corporation enslaving the poor smart guy. You show em' Dilbert!

Seth Godin
I like to call the article How to be Prosperous - great short explanation by Seth Godin. So, people, remember: be calm and generous, and (obviously) prove initiative - who knows, you mind end up in prosperity! (There's a trade off: you get being busy...)
I like to call this article Be generous, some clients might appreciate it - so, be generous and smart!

[I have deliberately let it be last, so you actually read it]
It has been 24th of January a few days now - great day in the history of Romanians and Romania: the unification of the Romanian Principalities Wallachia and Moldavia. You might find some interesting facts by reading about Alexandru Ioan Cuza - it's a good read ;)
Would you also like to read about the Kingdom of Romania? It's cool!

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