Wednesday 6 November 2019

Movie review: Paradise Hills (2019)

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Paradise Hills (2019)

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Entertaining overall.

Starts well - the initial 10% of the time displays a good storyline, is well paced, keeps the viewer focused etc.

Then for the next 50% of the time it turns bad, really bad - it's like the Middle Ages in history - not much of a storyline, almost nothing interesting or mildly relevant happens... it just drags, gets rather boring etc.
Not sure on their intentions here, but they have certainly failed - it simply doesn't resonate with me.
Certainly the movie feels a lot longer than it actually is because of this rather bad part.

Then, for the remaining 40% of the time, it suddenly turns really good: the storyline develops rapidly and gets more and more interesting & captivating, you get action & adrenaline etc. - basically you get the whole package. This part saves the whole movie - congratulations to whoever's been in charge on this part!

There are 2 nice twists and turns. First, regarding the school's real way of accomplishing its objectives and what/who The Duchess really is. Second, regarding Markus - indeed, this one is rather obvious, but I won't spoil it :)

I really enjoyed the cinematography + the choice of costumes & colors + the rather weird, but subtle soundtrack that blends in perfectly.

The cinema experience is a must, since TV would ruin the whole experience.


Paradise Hills (2019) is a good watch and I consider the time has been well spent with respect to the initial 10% and the final 40% of the movie.

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