Friday 22 August 2008

Vantage Point [Movie Review]

This is a movie review on Vantage Point. I've watched the movie a week ago or so.

I like the way it's shot from each character's point of view - it's like describing each thread (like in computer programming) up to the synchronization point. That makes it easy to understand each character's motives/problems and also the reasons that lead to actions that sometimes seem unnatural.

At about 2/3 in the movie, all characters reach the sync point. That is right after the explosion in the plaza, which coincides with the kidnapping of the real president.

Then they all start interacting and you get the classic movie with only one perspective of the story. That lasts the remaining 1/3 of the movie - full of action, kind of fun.


To make it more clear, I think it's a good movie - it's worth watching. I think they might have ended with some Oscar nominee movie (really!), in the same style as "Crash", if they have put more drama in it and/or have added some more dramatic special effects and/or have chosen a more famous cast and/or have showed a more cynic side of the whole politics environment. I'm still thinking what's missing... Anyway, I think it had the potential to have become a classic...

I like that most characters seem for real; one can see "real people" (thanks to good actors, obviously) doing their job. That means in my opinion that both the script writer and the actors did a very good job:

Many movies show you secret agents or terrorists that simply show off and/or act too cool => Now it's just the opposite: everyone does their job, no matter they're on the good side or the bad side; they all try to be efficient and win; and yes, some win, some lose, and the public gets it's customized version of the story (the dummy president has never existed; the real president which has never been shot, was "shot" because everyone has seen the dummy getting shot, and now is in hospital and will be fine - the real president has never been kidnapped, of course!, because it officially was on stage getting shot and then was taken to hospital... quite simple, wouldn't you say?).

I strongly recommend it for you to see. Go see it!

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