Thursday 8 July 2010

The fridge problem men have

[Post published by Liviu, on Liviu's [Personal] Blog]

After reading the Doghouse comic on the fridge-problem as I call it (ok, he calls it making a sandwich), I realized that:

Men have always had the fridge-problem... (*1)
... but because they have let women arrange everything inside! Bad move!

Since I have arrived in the Netherlands and started arranging it all by myself, guess what? Nothing's been missing! Everything has always been in place! Also the query response time has improved :)

So, guys, we don't need an automatic fridge [yet], but we need to arrange the fridge according to our standards! That's it! Now go home, get all contents out, design a scalable framework for everything and put it all back inside according to the framework! And do not permit any exceptions from the framework! (*2)

(*1) Most books talking about the absence of some skills in men treat the case when men cannot find specific items inside the fridge, just like women are bad at parking cars etc. These are classic examples.

(*2) Finding the courage and/or resources to design and then impose your framework would be great. Supporting it 24/7 for at least 1 month would be really heroic.
Adopting the framework for good would be the right solution. Good luck!

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