Tuesday 23 November 2010

ToneMatrix & Pulsate: having fun with playing/creating music

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Could I be turning into a Dutch DJ? e.g. Armin van Buuren, Tiesto et. al. :))

Anyway, after having read the latest DogHouse comic [link] I clicked on the link they recommended and landed on the ToneMatrix page [link] which was so much fun :)

Ways I played with ToneMatrix - the naming is mine :)
  1. Slow play - just click on some squares to turn them white or black again; turn white as many as you want.
    I turned white the whole board eventually but it was no fun; my ears seem to enjoy up to 1/3 of the board being roughly randomly white; from then on, not too much fun.
  2. Fast play - keep whatever-you-use in the clicked position on one black box and then move it all around the board, since this will turn white all black boxes in your way; super cool! Do the same while starting from a white box and you'll turn black again all white boxes in your way; super cool again!

On the main page [link] I also found Pulsate [link] which is cool, too! Enjoy!

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