Saturday 4 May 2013

Oblivion [Movie Review]

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Quite a nice, entertaining, and almost (i.e. roughly 90%, but definitely not 100%) coherent story. Makes sense most of the time.

Too straightforward for my taste.

Some may find the story developing too slow, therefore they may find the movie boring at times. I understand them. However, I like this type of storytelling - feels relaxing.


Tom Cruise feels... old. He is no longer the young & energic Tom Cruise he used to be... or could this be the way he envisioned playing the smart astronaut & engineer Jack? :) Hmm, could be... it makes sense now, if I think of it a bit more.

Anyway, my personal favorites are the 2 female characters - Vika [Andrea Riseborough], respectively Julia [Olga Kurylenko] - which at times fight for the same man, i.e. the confused-and-tired-but-smart-Jack.

Special effects

For some reason, I had the feeling they used the same team and/or effects from Tron, but put in a clear daylight.

In Tron, if you remember, everything happened during the night and/or with a dark background. There were striking colors in front. Special effects were so obvious. Well done, spectacular, yes, but obvious.

Oblivion on the other hand displays cool special effects perfectly integrated in a daylight environment. They so perfectly blend with the environment, that one might not even notice them. I admire this type of discrete special effects.

The drones seem cool, too: simple, with quite a powerful technology inside, do what you would expect them to do, nothing fancy and/or supernatural.


Fun. Worth watching. However, some may not appreciate it to the full and/or may find it boring.

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