Monday 23 November 2015

Movie review: Le tout nouveau testament (en: The Brand New Testament)

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Le tout nouveau testament (2015)
(en: The Brand New Testament)

[official site; IMDB]

A mix of / Draws influences from
  • Religion, of course: symbols, stories, patters etc.
  • Continental European philosophy (mostly French, I'd say)
  • Theatre of the Absurd [en.wikipedia]
  • Various weird (or should they be called non-conventional?) comedy genres: dark, absurd, crime etc. e.g. at one time it feels a bit like Snatch [IMDB], but at other times also feels like other comedies I cannot actually name and/or only vaguely can describe.
  • European mythology, but cannot put my finger on it
  • Bad/Toxic contemporary social/behavioral cliches/patterns etc.

It's simultaneously profound and weird.

To some extent, a critique of the [screwed up? :D] society we live in.

My only objections would be:
  • the general sad tone of the story
  • the too many sexual references, specific to Continental European art
  • the trailer, which "sells" (to the wannabe-watcher) a totally different movie :)). Indeed, the trailer is quite misleading, if you ask me.

I admit to have only understood roughly half of it.
Beware, this movie may prove difficult for you to understand. It feels like the kind of art accessible only to select few.

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