Wednesday 23 January 2019

Movie review: The Mule (2018)

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The Mule (2018)

[IMDB; en.wikipedia]

Entertaining and boring simultaneously.

Coherent and Consistent storyline.
The story drags sometimes.
It displays some funny moments / situations from time to time.
It subtly criticizes the way people categorize and address other people with respect to race etc.

Slow paced - when Clint Eastwood acts.
Fast paced - when Bradley Cooper acts.

Clint Eastwood is old, really old, but also stubborn enough to get the job done well - indeed, the part suits him perfectly.

Bradley Cooper does well, as always.

No special effects or at least no obvious special effects :)

Good cinematography, but cheap - what is that $50 million budget for? :))

You can safely watch it on TV. The cinema experience doesn't add anything special.


Time well spent. Worth watching.

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