Monday 11 February 2019

Movie review: Glass (2019)

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Glass (2019)

[IMDB; en.wikipedia]

Disclaimer: I admit (1) I have not watched Split [IMDB; en.wikipedia] (but I am familiar with the story behind it) and (2) I were too young to fully understand Unbreakable [IMDB; en.wikipedia]... so, let's dive into the 3rd installment of what appears to actually be a trilogy! :)

James McAvoy is the real star. Samuel L. Jackson is funny & crazy as usual. Bruce Willis is kind of old... but more on acting later.

Coherent and Consistent storyline.
Several twists and turns.

Develops nicely over time.
The pace is fast enough (but not very fast, though :D) during the first half.
Then the pace constantly slows down and the story drags...
... and during the final 15 minutes the story drags badly, in order to build a large expectation for another sequel :) This approach hurts the movie overall, if you ask me.

Obviously, James McAvoy (as all those 24 personalities) is the real star. Everything gravitates around his character / personalities.

Samuel L. Jackson (as Elijah Price) - funny & crazy as usual :) He just forces you to side with his evil mastermind character :)

Bruce Willis (as David Dunn) is kind of old. Why, but why did he get old? I'm a huge fan! Anyway, he does a good part.

Sarah Paulson (as Dr. Ellie Staple) acts as if she's about to burst into tears any minute now :))

Good cinematography, special effects, soundtrack etc.
Kind of cheap and dull background - however, given the $20 million budget it's great what they have accomplished!

I hope they don't do the so much anticipated sequel. The story is just fine as it is now.


Worth watching. Time well spent.

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