Tuesday 19 January 2010

[TED] Steven Cowley: Fusion is energy's future

[Post published by Liviu, on Liviu's [Personal] Blog]

A really beautiful, concise and coherent presentation on fusion, as energy's future: simple enough for anyone to understand what fusion is, yet funny and relaxing/enjoyable.

I do believe fusion will be there, maybe even play a big role, but I also believe that wind and solar power will experience breakthroughs in the future, maybe in the next 10 or at most 20 years.

I enjoy it too when mister Putin turns off the gas tap :D (Politics and economics are too complex for me to explain now why I feel/consider that, but I do want that gas tap be turned off more frequently.)

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andreiolaru said...

Fear the energy weapons! You are foolish to believe you can be on your own. Bow to mister Putin, you insignificant consumer!

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