Monday 8 March 2010

Born Of Hope [Movie Review]

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After reading the news on Cinemagia, on the launch of an online unofficial/private-funded prequel to the Lord of the Rings series, called Born of Hope, I decided to visit the official website of Born of Hope, to further investigate the matter.

The movie lasts for a bit over 1 hour and proves somewhat entertaining.

Disclaimer: Given that LotR overall impressed me to 50-60%, maybe I'm not the best to judge it.

My opinion:
  1. It appears to follow the same framework and story telling style as Lord of the Rings. The atmosphere overall resembles the one from LotR.
  2. For the incredibly small budget they had and given the actors played for free, it's a good movie.
  3. Compared to any interesting movie, it did no touch me.
  4. The movie mostly resembles a soap opera in my opinion, not some exciting / interesting / thriller-like / action-like movie.
  5. The story... well, I see no story.
  6. Watching it might be fun however - it's relaxing and might prove an enjoyable experience.

The movie did not impress me. However, the fans of the series might enjoy it.
I do recommend you to watch it - it's relaxing and might prove an enjoyable experience.

One might want to download the movie and watch it playing from one's computer instead of streaming from the Internet. A solution for downloading the movie might be using Fast Video Download or Flash Got. That's how I did it. Enjoy!

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