Sunday 25 March 2012

In the (Soviet) Western world, the clock updates you!

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Yo must have heard by now those jokes built on the same pattern "In America... In Soviet Russia..." [Yakov Smirnoff: Russian reversal], e.g. "In America, you watch television. In Soviet Russia, television watches you!"

Heck, even Fredo & Pidjin [Fredo & Pidjin: site] had invented something on the same pattern: "In Soviet Russia bombs disarm you!" [Fredo & Pidjin: Bomb Raider comic]

My joke(s) on updating our clocks to Summer Time

So, here's how my joke on updating the clock to Summer Time / Daylight saving time [Wikipedia: DST] would sound if built on the same pattern:

In America/Europe, you update the clock.
In Soviet Russia, the clock updates you!

However, given that
  1. all electronics (e.g. laptops) update by themselves and then (they may) notify us, and
  2. the Western world unfortunately turns a bit socialist nowadays, anti-competitive and with a desire to minimize human freedom through Internet censorship (see SOPA/PIPA/ACTA)
, I've turned the joke bitter & funnier like this:

In the (Soviet) Western world, the clock updates you!

I find my latter joke both funnier and bitter because the first part indirectly talks about a potential loss of freedom, and the second part describes a behavior you would have normally expected in a "In Soviet Russia" joke.
Note: Indeed, you need to have heard quite a lot of "In Soviet Russia" jokes in order to taste this one.

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