Sunday 1 April 2012

1. Schrodinger's cat is alive! 2. E.U. to borrow money from PIIGS countries, instead of lending!

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Schrodinger's cat [wikpedia] is alive!

Schrodinger finally remembered to look inside the steel chamber and found his cat alive and healthy!!! Unbelievable!

I was so busy during the last 77 years with listening to radio, watching TV, then [re]installing Windows yearly for about 23 years, then the Internet (IRC, sharing lolcat photos, checking mail at Yahoo! and Google, then using Facebook, Twitter etc.)... that I have completely forgot about my cat! The poor thing is well and alive, and hungry for milk :)) - Can you imagine the impact of lolcat photos with _my_ cat? It's gonna be huge, this cat is destined to be famous, I tell you :)), declared Mr. Schrodinger earlier this morning.

E.U. to borrow money from PIIGS countries, instead of lending!

European Union officials have come to the conclusion that the solution to saving the euro currency is simple, yet counterintuitive: instead of lending money to the PIIGS, they should borrow money from them.

Here goes the reasoning:
  1. If EU lends them money, PIIGS get worse by the day, as we have already noticed
  2. The lenders always are strong, while the borrowers are weak
Therefore, to change the situation, you simply need to reverse the roles: the borrowers must become lenders and vice-versa. There you go, crisis solved!

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