Monday 30 December 2013

Battle of the Year: The Dream Team + The Great Gatsby + Las Vegas [Movie reviews]

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Battle of the Year: The Dream Team [IMDB; en.wikipedia; cinemagia]

I liked the break-dancing, the desire to win & to get better at what one does.

Although many people may have avoided it (and they did, considering the box office score) or may not have liked it, I did like it. I find it educative for young people and/or for people who really want to achieve something in their lives.

It is about the feeling inside you when the movie has ended and you're leaving the cinema, ok? That's what you've been paying for!

The Great Gatsby [IMDB; en.wikipedia; cinemagia]

Nerv, passion.
Desire to win, desire to change (or control?) the world in order to suit one's needs.

For some it may be inspiring. For others it may feel like we are living in a superficial world.

Most likely, the novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald is better, deeper etc. and I should read it sometimes.

Las Vegas [IMDB; en.wikipedia; cinemagia]

Average - that's the word best describing it. One can watch it on TV, no need to go to cinema.

  • Morgan Freeman seems the freshest of them all.
  • Michael Douglas and Robert de Niro got old. They do what they do best: the former shows off his smile and face (which are not as charming as they used to be), and the latter his Italian roots, at times acting tough or like a mob boss.
  • And that Kevin-Kline-looking-like-Steve-Jobs saves the day several times.
The Romanian title "burlaci intarziati" (en: old bachelors) is obviously misleading, since the only bachelor is the character played by Michael Douglas!

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