Tuesday 18 February 2014

The Wolf of Wall Street, Frozen, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty [Movie reviews]

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The Wolf of Wall Street [IMDB; en.wikipedia; cinemagia]

Great comedy. Entertaining.

Money, drugs and sex. (and a lot of swearing, but you have already read that somewhere else by now)
Immoral, unfair, breaking the law etc. - the main character just has a strong determination on making money!

Great script, great acting.
It might get some Oscars.

Frozen [IMDB; en.wikipedia; cinemagia]

Nice animation, nice songs, nice story.
Worth watching.
I liked it.

Disney still has to learn from Pixar how to draw characters, build a story etc. Must note that the intro raises to Pixar standards, which is a big plus for Disney, so keep up the good work :)

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty [IMDB; en.wikipedia; cinemagia]

Too much noise for nothing.

Let me describe you the Walter Mitty character: a (really) confused dude with respect to his own life objectives, who all of a sudden decides to travel to several countries in order to solve a matter of life and death situation (wouldn't want to spoil the surprise for you, would I?). Oh, and in the meantime he has a teenager-style crush on a confused & divorced lady who happens to have a 10+ years old kid, but also allows her husband to come around their house for things like repairing the fridge... In the end, Walter is so happy for winning her heart and having the privilege of holding her hand...
Please, Walter, just die and don't teach young people how to screw up their lives!

Dunno, maybe I just don't like confused men who screw up?

Btw, Forrest Gump was a winner! Maybe he looked like an idiot, maybe he talked like an idiot, maybe most idiots thought of him as an idiot... but when it came to doing things, he had the perseverance, consistence and determination of a winner! Think of Jerry Maguire at the power of 2.

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